here come the 90s Revisited!

So today I got a warning that if I don’t post anything the next days I’m gonna get kicked out of the metblog thingy. as you might expect i got loads of excuses for not posting, but everyone has. so here we are.
been on a saturday-night bonanza yesterday, checked the usual venues and got home sober and disillusioned.: station a: ppc – 10 years klein records night. well, i missed the allstar-techno-band das bierbeben (shitkatapult/berlin) opening the night. according to some friends it was the usual girls meet boys screaming pseudo-revolutionary slogans. except for jan mueller of tocotronic taking part. yawn. got to see louie austen, which was quite amusing. his album is music for ironing (not as glamorous as eno’s music for airports, innit?), but live it was quite alright. especially his bands’ guitarist who looked just like dj bobo. it really knocked us out when they finally played “there is a party” as an encore. great tune by the way. finally vienna’s sofa surfers played. last year they had advertised their album by claiming their album contains just “real instruments”, whatever this means.. anyway, what we got to see was music for falling asleep. or worse: music for falling back into the 90s.
station_b:boogee basement, missed the party, but it seemed to be quite alright. last thing i heard was the singer of lady lynch screaming “mods are assholes”. that’s what i call a late night insight.
station_c: postgarage, m3: girls taking over the decks, in this case cio d’or from treibstoff. minimal techno, not exciting, but not bad either. for a saturday night pretty few people were there. another indication that minimal techno is dying a slow gruesome death? maybe i went home too early. or had too little chemicals swirling round my brain.
station_d: bed. comfortable and soothing as always. and no drawback into 90s.

So, wintertime is here and I’m sure you all need some warm clothes for those late night-tours. Just check this awesome thinsulated coat:
anyone want this? pm me. cheers

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  1. aka (unregistered) on November 20th, 2006 @ 1:57 pm

    You missed station_e: Postgarage 2nd floor. Interpenetration Festival. I wasn’t really happy with all of the performances because they were loud and noisy but The Striggles were really fantastic.

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