OK, first I have to make a correction of a previous post. Evidently there are people all over the world who read Graz Metblog and who have been e-mailing my wife with concerns about the erratic and, possibly, unsafe driving that I accused her of in the Graz, The Video Game post. Listen, everyone, it was a joke. My wife is an excellent driver, really super. She is such a good driver she could be giving driving lessons. And she hardly ever bumps into things when she drives. Also, I have never been with her when she has violated driving codes…well, except for that one time on Pluddenmangasse, but we were really late and the guy in the Mercedes was hogging the lane and, anyway, the light wasn’t red, no matter what the old man on the bike thought.

Anyway, she really is a good driver. Tell her you read this. I am tired of sleeping alone.

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