The first time I’ve been impressed by Chinese Food in Graz

Naturally, being Chinese-American, I’m quite picky with Chinese food. And since I’ve been here, most experiences have been horrendous. I’ve since learned to lower my expectations. Friday night, after discovering Teranga was closed (the 3rd closed African restaurants I’ve tried to visit), we trotted over to Midori, the new place on Sackgasse.
Running sushi never appeals to me, but they had vegetarian dishes that I was keen on trying.

See this?
Vegetarian "meat"

That was utterly delicious and better yet – it was made from soya. Soya “meat” is the Buddhists’ greatest invention to pacify a vegetarian’s childhood tastes for meat. Highly recommend this dish: schweinsribbchen (at first I thought it was a mistake in the menu to have that listed under “vegetarian dishes”) What was also nice was the side dish called “zongzi”. It’s a little sweet rice/bean/peanut clump wrapped and steam in lotus leaves – one of my favorite flavors. I think I saw them on the running sushi line too.

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