I’m drowing in mid-air

Here is an entry from my personal blog.

It’s so hot here. It’s so humid. Oh, how I miss those cold summer San Francisco days with the the chilly nordic breeze gently blowing off the ocean onto the shore.

The cooler nights, the dry days.

During the summer you often see San Franciscans shrugging against the wind and artfully throwing silk scarves and wool sweaters around their pale, white necks to stay warm.

It’s so hot in Graz, that you can smell the sidewalks seweating. It’s the smell of street dust getting heavy and wet. Everyone looks exhausted and annoyed. The residents are slumped against the humidity, their clothes are uncomfortably stuck to their body with musty sweat.

“It’s tropical weather,” said one mommy to me trying to put sense to the unusual weather. It rains in the morning or during the night, then it’s hot, sunny and mostly cloudy the rest of the time. Then… it starts all over again the next day.

It’s so hot and humid, that we’ve got a petri tray of mold growing in our bedroom. We went away for four days to Italy and when we got back our bedroom wall had white fuzz and black things growing on it.

After a seven and a half hour drive (usually five and a half but we had to stop a few times because tortellino was suffering from molars popping in), I had to wipe down the walls with bleach before going to bed. It’s going to be really expensive to replace the roof, and we knew whe had to do it eventually, but the lady living here told us there are no problems, no leaks (other lies!)… how can you not see black and fuzzy mold on the walls? We’re going to contact the attoruney and hope for the best. Perhaps the woman, or her insurance can pay for part of the roof replacement.

But at the moment… I’m hot. I’m really hot. I can’t stand it and I feel like I’m suffocating on the damp air.

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