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David Fine in Graz

David Fine (San Francisco, USA) is digital artist, street artist, media activist and roboticist.

He’ll give a talk about new tendencies in the Bay Area art scene, focussing on so-called “fire art”, a special form of machine performance art that was initiated by SRL and the annual Burning Man festival.


Monday, October 15; 6:15 PM @ Studio, FH Joanneum (Informationsdesign, 3rd floor).

How do you make your bed?

There is a huge difference between European and American bedding. And I’m not talking size, or material…I’m talking sheets!

Having lived both in Italy and America, I have grown accustomed to some bedding basics, like a top sheet and a bedcover to keep the dust off the pillows. Instead, in Austria (and UK from what I understand), it is very common to just have a covered comforter and a bottom sheet. They use the covered comforter, which is often made of cotton, as a top sheet and throw the whole thing in the wash when it’s time to change the bedding.

The simplicity of European bedding, certainly makes it easy to make the bed (just straighten the blanket) but is a big change for those who are used to sleeping in a tightly tucked bed!

American Bedding Austrian Bedding
Basic Bedding:
-Pillow & Case
-Bottom Sheet
-Top Sheet

-The comforter could be put in a comforter cover, but this is not typical.
-Pillow Shams for extra pillows are very common, though not commonly used.
-Bed skirts are a very popular addition

Notes: This is also true in Italy, with the exception of the bed skirt.

Basic Bedding:
-Pillow & Case
-Bottom Sheet
-Comforter in Cover

-An extra blanket is used for extra cold nights

Notes: This is also true in the U.K.

So, how do you make your bed?!?!

This post was copy and pasted from my personal blog lapsus humanus.

Dracula in Styria?

Bram Stoker nearly chose Styria as the setting for his novel “Dracula”.

As the twenty-first century begins, it no longer seems necessary to make a case for Dracula, the horror tale composed by Bram Stoker at the end of the Victorian Era in England.


Carmilla was a powerful vampire story with strong overtones of lesbianism, featuring a beautiful Styrian countess who is revealed as a vampire. The story evidently exerted a considerable influence on Stoker (at the very least, it appears to have influenced Stoker’s choice of Styria as the location of Dracula’s castle, though this was later changed to Transylvania).


China Welcomes You …

Desires, Struggles, New Identities. Magnificent exhibition @ Kunsthaus Graz.

If we reflect on present and future, on changes and new situations in a rapidly growing global society, nowadays we are bound to be drawn to China. But what are the connections to the Communist past, where are the roots of today’s pictographic language and what connotations arise?

With works by a younger generation of artists living and working in China, the exhibition China Welcomes You … Desires, Struggles, New Identities reflects on the connection between the past and an exploding globalised present that also shows no hesitation to export art.

Ai Weiwei, Duan Jianyu, Feng Mengbo, Lu Hao, Xie Nanxing, Xu Zhen, Zhen Gougu and others.


Kunsthaus Graz
Opening: 06.06.2007, 7pm
Duration: 07.06.2007-02.09.2007
Opening hours: Tu-Sun 10am-6pm

Montage Sauvage!

Montage Sauvage is great Graz-based visual collective.

Need a proof?



open air

yesterday was the first day of the open air cinema on the franziskanerplatz……………


marilyn on the big screen was really georgeous, it´s such a great movie
and watching old movies is the best thing to do on a warm tuesday evening……….


it´s every tuesday thursday and saturday during the summer…………………..

Tori Amos……….

TORI AMOS was thrilling graz on wednesday………..


it was such an amazing night, even though it was rainy and cold…….
her voice is just georgeous and with all the light and the atmosphere of the “kasematten bühne”
it was more like a dream, like slipping away in another sphere…..


Sterz #100

Styria’s magazine for literature, art and art politics — Sterz — will soon release its 100th issue. And the team and all the readers will frickin’ celebrate it! Congratulations!

Monday, July 2; 5 PM; Orangerie in the Grazer Burggarten.


Link / Sterz

“I Aim to Misbehave!”

As an accompanying program to the first Can’t-Stop-the-Serenity-Screening in Austria, and the first screening of the movie Serenity in English in Graz there will be some philosophical talks on the 21st of June 2007. In this discussion the organizers want to explore the emancipatory potential of Science-Fiction.

Reassessing Science-Fiction: Dystopia and Utopia, rebellious pathos and perpetuation of reactionary thinking, transgressive body-politics and maintenance of paternalistic gender-concepts.

Lectures by:
– Christian Fuchs (FM4)
– Johannes Grenzfurthner (monochrom) and Stefan Lutschinger


Where? When? ESC, June 21; 6 PM.

Wolfgang Wildner: “etwas Höheres”

“etwas Höheres” (“something higher”) is a nice photo project by Wolfgang Wildner.

Most of the settings are in and around Graz.



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