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Schwammerl Suchen (Mushroom Hunting)

We went mushroom hunting in the hills just outside of Graz, yesterday. My husband practically grew up in the Italian Alps and can recognize the dangerous mushrooms. In Italy, you can take your mushrooms to the piazza and have an expert examine them, but I haven’t heard of anything similar here. To be sure, we stuck to the safe varieties and stayed way from the “iffy” adventurous ones.

One thing is for sure. If it’s red, and it has red spots on it, like these, DO NOT EAT THEM!

We found lots of Finferele, Portobello, Mazza Tamburo and about three fresh Porcini! Actually, I found the biggest porcino… right next to the road!

We breaded and fired the big ones last night, tonight… Risotto ai Funghi!

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Graz Textures: Small stones

Tatata! A new Graz Texture!


Res: 1600×1200
(Click to enlarge.)

My Favorite Advert Window…

I guess business must not be going well because it’s empty. Hey, what’s that black sheep doing, anyway?

Grazer Quiz: The Wall

What is it, and where is it?

Click “continue” for the answer…

it’s the local stitch & bitch!

I didn’t get to go inside because the three steps and the door are prohibitive for a stroller with a 12kilo kid and groceries onboard… However, I did peek in the windows and it looks like the terms “cafe” is probably for the feel and not the service. I didn’t see a real “coffee bar” when I peeked in the window, though they did have a nice diplay of ceramics and stuff. For those interested in stitching and bitching it’s on Reitsschulgasse, not far from Jakomini Platz.

for all your rubber needs

Thanks to a savvy reader for suggesting this store when I was looking for water proof clothing. They have any, and everything that can inflate, be filled with water or repel it. It’s on Annenstraße (on the right if you have your back to the Mur). Now, someone is going to have to tell me what the history is behind the name because, according to what Altavista Online Translator tells me it means, it would never fly in politically-correct U.S.

The Spätzle Sieb

The Saturday before New Year’s my wife sent me down to Klammerth on Herrengasse to buy a Spätzle Sieb.

Three Kings

Little munchkins dressed in white robes with sceptres and crowns seem to be everywhere this week. School kids, in the guise of the three biblical kings, Kaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, are roaming my apartment complex, knocking on doors, reciting the story of Jesus’ birth –and their role in it–, singing Christmas songs, and asking for donations.

Grown Up Advent

One Sunday night a couple of weeks ago, we went to the Advent Market at the Freilicht Museum in Stübing outside of Graz. At 4:30 a group of us bundled up and met to walk around the old houses, view the crafts and partake of punsch and cake. The sun was setting–and setting really fast as it is wont to do around here in the winter– as we walked up the path to the first house. Inside was a group of people singing Christmas songs. Led by a mellow fellow in traditional garb, people with songbooks sang sweetly, the sound of their voices hung in the air, crystaline, distinct–almost like another entity joined us from…Christmases Past.

Graz Texture 2: Post


Here the beautiful old “Post”-sign. Click on the image to get a larger version.

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