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Remember “täglich Alles”?

Well, this newspaper box seems to be stuck in a temporal reflux continuum.


(near the Graz central railway station)

Graz’s Historic Center

Why is Graz’s historic center “World Heritage”?
Well, here is the justification…

The historic centre of the city of Graz reflects artistic and architectural movements originating from the Germanic region, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean, for which it served as a crossroads for centuries. The greatest architects and artists of these different regions expressed themselves forcefully here and thus created brilliant syntheses.

Here’s the link. Actually a pretty interesting site… I recommend to surf along and read the different jury votes for sites all over the world.
And don’t forget… there are many endangered monuments on our planet. Scott’s hut in Antarctica, for example… but so far it’s not that cold in Graz. (No Al Gore jokes, please!)

Concorde in Graz?

I just read on Wikipedia that a special highlight of Graz airport was the landing of a Concorde in 1981.

A Concorde landed in Graz?

I wanna see the local newspapers from that time… phew…


Multiple Choice Quiz

Here is a list of years.

1784, 1809, 1811, 1839, 1899, 1912, 1963

And here is a list of events.

What happend when? Do you know?

— The hospital of the province of Styria is opened, then the largest and most modern in Europe.

— Abortive siege of the Citadel by French troupes and Napoleon. The citadel has to be dismantled. The “Uhrturm” (Clock Tower) and the Bell Tower are salvage by the citizens of Graz for 2.987 Guilders and 11 Farthings and thus evade destruction.

— Archduke Johann found the “Joanneum” and places his private collection at its disposal; today’s Technical University also originates from the Joanneum.

— Foundation of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts with University status.
The citadel is turned into a park.

— Completion of today’s Opera house.

— Graz is among the first European cities to raze its fortifications; the glacis is planned with trees.

no knights are around us…..

it was a sunny sunday and i was walking along the “panorama strasse”
and there was suddenly this castle in front of me, number 95 … the so called




it seems like all the knights are gone… but it stll is very …ähm… castle like?

History bite: Johann Puch


Johann Puch (born June 27, 1862) was a Slovene inventor and mechanic who in 1885 moved to Graz, where in 1891 he started to manufacture bicycles which he sold in Austria, as well as exporting to England and France. His success led to the founding of his own company in 1899, which was called “Erste steiermärkische Fahrrad-Fabriks-AG” (First Styrian Bicycle Company).

Link to Johann Puch Museum, Graz.



the keplerstrasse is in the “lend” part of graz,
it heads from the main station through the lendplatz, over the mur, for the schlossberg…
lend was part of the “murvorstadt”, this was the city outside of the city wall, suburbia in a way…
you can still find left overs in this part of the city from old housings…
they seem wrong scaled, but i really love this little dimension confusions.



Graz’s First gift to the World: Slow Motion

For the next seven days, the Metroblogging sites around the globe will be unveiling seven gifts their cities can share with the world – one gift a day for seven days (to see what the rest of the world is contributing, click here.


How fast and boring the world would be without it…
Imagine sport tv broadcastings, scientific documentary films, love tragedies and action movies without the superbe experience multiplier technique… slow motion.
The slow motion technology was invented in Graz by the Styrian pastor and physicist August Musger. He was a passionate cineast and invented a motion technique using a mirrored drum as a synchronizing mechanism. The technique was patented in 1904 and was presented in Graz on July 7, 1907 for the first time.
Graz and Styria is well know for its coziness – so it is a logic consequence that this technique was invented here…


Inner courtyard of the Styrian Landhaus.


The Landhaus is reminiscent of some Venice palazzo. In 1557, the Italian architect Domenico dell’Allio started to construct a prestigious building for the Styrian estates. It still is the provincial parliament of Styria.
And an ugly monster is guarding it! Ah!

Picture source: timitalia’s photostream


the panther is the emblem for the city of graz


you can find him in many places, i saw him on the street…..
this is the straight way to the canalization.

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