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No blogging about the Pope

As mentioned above.


On my way to work I always pass this building and its giant mural of the star constellation Ursus.

Especially I like the star called “Benetnatsch”… and finally I googled for it.


There isn’t much to report about “Benetnatsch”.
a) It’s a typo. It should read “Benetnasch”.
b) There’s something about mourning maidens. As usual.

Looks like a reactor…

…but is an elevator. Inside Schloßberg.



Kärntnerstraße, my love!

Kärntnerstraße is a great part of town. A helterskelter of economic emotions!
Small brothels, small plumbing services, small gaming clubs, big electronics shops.


By the way (1): Graz’s person per brothel (or brothel per person) density is one of the highest in Europe.

By the way (2): I hate Vienna’s Kärntnerstraße.

heaven on earth?


Diving in Graz?

Seems that there is a huge diving tank called “Tauchturm” near Graz. Never heard about it, but seems to be a blast.


Link / Video
Link / Pictures
Link / Official homepage

I wonder if they keep Kevin Costner there. (If you don’t get the joke, just forget it. It’s not worth mentioning.)

Trivia: Whose teeth are these?


Dear readers…

…I have to mention that comments and new posts are offline for a short time. So please don’t try to compose an awesome comment… you would only be presented with “BAD SQL ERROR” messages.


More trivia: Do you know your city?

Where in Graz are we?


Click the image to see full picture… but it doesn’t completely reveal the location…


Guess what you can see on this picture I took somewhere in Graz.

A nuclear blast or what?

Wanna know? Click it.


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