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View from the Kunsthaus Graz

Great picture by chopsuey.


copy & paste: U.S. vs. Austrian Painting & Painters…

Here’s an entery from my personal blog that I thought may be of interest to you…

Having the interior of your house painted Austria is much more different than what you might expect in the United States.

First of all, many in the U.S. will paint their own rooms as we (I) did in our little in-law unit in San Mateo but then, we didn’t have 13 foot ceilings with moulding on the ceiling and the wall.

Here’s a shot of our ceiling and walls (now freshly painted) to give you an idea of what we’re facing:

Most, as I have done, will go to the local home-repair store, bring paint chips, pillows, fabric swatches… whatever and have it electronically color-matched so that they can have the exact same color, again and again. Here, in Austria, you buy a huge bucket of white paint and bottles of colors and are expected to blend it yourself… or you hire a painter.

In the U.S. a painter will spend the first few days

change your view

the weather is so sunny the last few weeks and when it gets to hot,
just go down a few steps to the mur, the river that crosses graz…….


it´s like joining another world and you can see graz from a way different perspective.



there you can forget where you are, you just hear the sound of the water and the city around you nearly disappears…………..
and it´s really refreshing just sitting near the water and watch it.

who is blogging in graz

heinz wittenbrink gives an overview about weblogs in graz [sorry, only in german]. of course, the metblog is mentioned. unfortunately graz does not seem to have (too) many weblogs, or does it? feel free to add some more in the comments to his entry.



i was a little bit confused when i saw this sign….
can anybody tell me why it is not allowed to use the cellphone at the filling station?

Proud Translators


“We translated Bambiland! (c)
Elfriede Jelinek – Nobel Prize For Literature 2004″


i can´t believe it, but i see it with my own eyes…

it started snowing a few minutes ago,
last week i was sitting in the park in the sun and i think it had 20 degree celcius
the bushes started to bloom and the birds were singing…….
and today it´s winter again……..

very strange world.


this coltsfoot just wanted to come to the light……….


looks like he had a wild party yesterday night.

good morning…

when i looked out my window this morning i saw this bus right in front of my window…


the word “SCHLATZER” was a little bit irritating for me,
because “schlatz” is a german word for slime, but even in a more unappetizing way
and the word “schlatzer” sounds like a person who spits slime…….
this was a very strange message in the early morning hours…
i´m still confused and i don´t know what this message should mean for me…

rainy rain…

i can´t remember the last time it rained the whole day through,
i quite like the mood of the city on such days…


and the good thing is, even on such gray days you find love
it´s on the ground but it gives hope….

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