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dishwasher & man



colour it up….

the sun is shining, but nothing has a colour, because there should be snow all over….


so it´s really refreshing to see graz this colourful…

(murweg, under the “hauptbrücke”)

clearance to land…..

the tummelplatz is the right place for an approach for a landing….


follow the lights and you´ll find your way. (this direction to the herrengasse, for example…)

Urban painting

Just took a picture out of the car… so let’s call it “drive by shooting”…


Location: near central train station

lust and whimsy….

instead of law and order….


and a HAPPY NEW YEAR………………….



i have no idea what this should mean,
but i really love the composition of the colours, the staircase leading to the arrangement
and this two people bordering the whole picture…



i just found a great, austria-based website, which collects stencil-graffitis from cities all around the world. everyone can upload pictures, everyone can rate and comment them. the project cooperates with linz ’09.

“Stencilboard” aims at building an online-community by collecting and discussing Stencils from all around the world.
“Stencils” are sprayed pictures in public areas, which are produced by using stencils. The site is exclusively dedicated to Stencil-Graffities, which are in general referred to as Stencils or Pochoirs.

the graz-section has already 26 entries. you also can view the graffitis via rss.

still summer….

this was one of the first things i saw today in the morning
and since this occurrence i sit here daydreaming…..


maybe it should mean something else than bikini,
but i can not imagine what this something should be….
so dream on……

old, but still sweet……….

they are everywher around the city,
but this “Kaugummiautomaten” seems like they really have something to tell…
have a chewing gum and enjoy staying around…


have a closer look and choose the goodies you want to……………..

View image


Urban Art: Jacket


I can’t imagine any message. Do you?
Location: Münzgrabenstraße

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