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wasser fast.. got any suggestions?

Being a mommy in Graz means that if you’re pushing a stroller, you can’t also hold an umbrella – actually you can if you can steer the stroller with one hand and not jab it into any healthy street beggars or heels attached to grumpy old people. If the stroller is wet, filled with baby, groceries, purse and it’s being pushed up-hill on a cobble-stone street (Sporgasse) the manuvering just darn impossible to do single handedly.

I’ve been searching in all the stores (H&M, Charles Voegele, New York) to find a jacket that is water-proof and no such luck. Any ideas from fellow readers and Grazers where one such perfect jacket/coat could be found?

metroblog graz is in the “hinterhof plus”


metroblog graz is mentioned in the new hinterhof +!

Bench, sleeping

First I wanted to call this entry “How typically Graz”… but I think “Bench, sleeping” is fair enough if I choose the post category “Urban Survival”.


Source: pencilnpaper’s photostream


On my way through the city I came along three funny/strange street signs:

1. slippery when wet sign on concrete pavement / Location: Grazer Congress


2. no parking except for marriage vehicles / Location: Landhausgasse


3. I have no idea what they want from me. there was just a white line on the ground around the sign. I can’t even translate it to english / Location: Neutorgasse


Jingle Bells are near

At the moment the city is full of small houses or parts and pieces that will soon be small houses for the Christmas markets. Small houses filled with roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, crocheted tablecloths and handcrafted Santas. The weather is getting colder and more rainy and the Christmas shopping horror and the Jingle Bells overkill is near. I really like Christmas but most of the time it’s not that contemplative I want it to be especially because my way to work leads directly through the shopping streets.


I’m very exited what this is all about. A motor racing-circuit?
Location: Hauptbrücke



I think this shop name is from a time when they sold cloths which cover the girls kidneys. It’s good that someone cares about our salvation.

Every Day!

Urban survival?
At least if you’re a net addict.


(Translation: Internet Cafe “Every Day”)

Here it is!


Winter is here and this is the first snowflake I saw on my coat. I was somehow exited but I know this feeling doesn’t last long. I agree with Julian that winter in cities sucks especially in Graz because two centimeter of snow and “rien ne va plus”. But let’s have some nice moments with this beautiful frozen water!


snow in cities sucks. so why did it start to snow in graz this afternoon? lookin’ forward to summer…

image by zen roxy

autumn is coming

the last few days were like a documentation about how autumn is like in a picture book for children…..
the leaves are flying around and everything changes the colour….


and nobody wants to sit outside anymore, because it´s getting colder………..


normaly you find hundreds of places in graz to spend some time outside and drink coffee,
that is a thing about this city which makes it really worth doing nothing than hanging around,
what is really great from spring to autumn…

but now everything is heading towards winter, i really love this time of the year.

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