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KFC in Graz: Insanity in a bucket!

KFC from the safe zone!
Yeah, i admit it: Today me and my friend went to KFC. We just had to try this new piece of America right in our city. So we took our bikes and cruised to the beloved Jakominiplatz where KFC is directly competing with MCDonalds (and it’s “bubble-gum cemetery”) which is placed right next to it. Our Mission was to gain the all mighty bukkit

So we entered the chicken zone and as far as the competition goes, KFC seems to win:
Inside the danger zone!
The place was crowded like a japanese swimming pool. Seriously. I took that picture after 20 minutes and it took us another 20 minutes to finally get to the counter. That gave us enough time to think about the huge and tasty bucket we saw on the internet. 63 pieces of pure flesh wrapped in crispy coating. Nothing else but chicken.

The sad truth is, that, due to “whatever”, there are no huge bukkit. There were just 4 different types of buckets which included some flesh, a soft drink we didn’t need and some french fries we didn’t want. Disappointedly sad we ordered the “Variety Bucket” which suited our hunger the most. After the long discussion with our “waitress” about what the Variety Bucket contains (the usability of the overhead-display-menu isn’t really good) we finally got the nourishment to provide our hunger with pure satisfaction and let’s face it: he was pretty satisfied. The cost/performance ratio is comparable with KFCs fast food competitors but it isn’t worth the journy from Eggenberg.

Thus we keep waiting for Subway Sandwitch to arrive in Graz

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