A couple of lines about the history of Graz (Part 2)

Despite its medieval standing, the buildings constructed during the time the Habsburg dynasty dominate the inner city’s landscape.

In the 19th century, Graz became had a big enough population to call itself a city. As the 19th century progressed, the divide between the city’s left and right (represented in the working-class districts of Gries and Lend) became ever more apparent. At the same time, Graz was also described as a “Pensionopolis” because many retired imperial civil servants and artists moved to the city.

When Hitler annexed Austria in 1938, the city was given the …well.. “honorary title” of “city of the peoples’ uprising”. Just recently Wolfram P. Kastner and Martin Krenn, two Austrian artists, attached a sign to a “honorary grave” of a “SA-Sturmbannf├╝hrer” on a Graz cemetery, dealing with Graz’s pre-Nazi and Nazi past… and present.

World War II brought heavy bombing and destruction to Graz. The British took control of the city in 1945 and began reconstruction. Since then, Graz has slowly rebuilt itself into a prosperous, economic city. It has also emerged as the center of art and academia.

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  1. Ravi (unregistered) on October 26th, 2006 @ 5:48 pm

    Hi Johannes!

    Interesting history.
    And i’m really impressed by MonoChrom. I tend to agree with some of your opinions regarding capitalism etc..
    But I’m amazed by the number of a art and architecture related among the authors of MetBlogs Graz:). I wonder the city is full of creative people.
    And the Monochrom T-shirts are insanely cool!. The german messages in particular and the “I was a copyright infringment in a previous life” :).

    Auf wiedersehen

  2. grenz (unregistered) on October 26th, 2006 @ 6:00 pm

    hey ravi!
    thanks for the praise!

    currently half of the week i stay in graz and half of the week i stay in vienna… so i post on the vienna and on the graz site… permanent guestblogging ;-)

    glad you find monochrom.at interesting… we are continuously doing projects, so come back… or check out the rss feed.

    and my fellow graz metrobloggers are really a bunch of interesting people… they’re all involved in exciting projects.

    best wishes

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