The Windy City (not!)

Yesterday, it was windy as hell on my walk to German class in the morning. Down Schillerstrasse and through the Stadtpark I encountered gusts and eddies, breezes and dust devils. How weird. How easy it is to get used to the Styrian stillness of Graz. You see there is…

very little wind here. It is by far the quietest, stillest place I have ever lived. This is an anomaly in the world, I think. Generally, everywhere I have lived, there has been wind, seasonal or otherwise. Not all the time, of course, but ocassionally. Here, it is just pleasantly still most of the time. Great for bike riding and picnicking.

Now I understand how, when my Graz-native wife came to live in the windy American Southwest, she had a really hard time adjusting to the wind. She hated it, couldn’t get used to it. And it was violently windy where we lived from March through June!

I have had a lot easier time adjusting to the serene stillness here in the heart of Styria.

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