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Morning light

Elle suggested we post a pic from our windows and this one is mine.
What you can’t see is Franz, the neighbor’s cat, meowing pitiously below the window sill. I know it was -4 this morning, but Franz is big and fat with plenty of fur and he cries all the time, regardless of the weaather. So I left him out there.
Like 80% of the people in Austria, we live in a Siedlung; our apartment, or wohnung, is on the end and we have a nice garden–what Americans call a backyard.
Big houses across the street; St. Peter is super bougeouise, mini suburbia–nice quiet streets, good for spazierengehen, the Sunday pasttime.

Alkoholfrei Bier …Nicht Schlecht

Not being a drinker, I was happy to discover these good tasting, alcohol-free beers, for around .48-.58 cents a half liter. Now, why would anybody bother with these pinche fake beers when there is so much real beer around? Well, I don’t know. They taste pretty good, go well with food, and I don’t get stupid after drinking them. Good enough reason for me.

outside my window

Woke up this morning to see Fraincis I wearing a little snow hat and little snowflakes wafting their way to the ground.

Thanks to Melanie for inspiring this post. Now, let’s see outside everyone’s window!

Think there’s enough snow yet for comfortable falling?

The room was dim yet again this morning. It was cloudy, yes, but it was also blanketed with snow. Real snow, that sort of sticks. The fluffy stuff. Think there’s enough there to try snowboarding lessons again?

Bunny slope is melting

Two weekends ago, I left Hebalm exhausted from lugging all my equipment up the bunny slope because the lifts were turned off, and covered with bruises with my hard falls. Not to mention sweaty & muddy as well.

quick bots

I just wrote an comment on the post from Chris. How tasty this cookies look and that it is time for Christmas and this very moment the ads on our metroblog-site changed to Christmas topics.

Upside Down Lebkuchen Hearts

My wife loves to cook grandmothers’ recipes. Which is funny, because she herself is really quite young. You see, she’s not as old as she cooks.

These are old-fashioned Lebkuchen hearts she recently baked, turned upside down to dry. Lebkuchen hearts are…

Busted #2

The other day I was driving home from Einkaufzentrum Seiersberg, when I got pulled over at a speed trap on Petrifelderstrasse. I wasn’t speeding, but I didn’t have my lights on. Didn’t have my lights on! I know that you have to have your lights on any time you drive in Austria, night or day. My wife reminds me all the time. But, hey, I forgot.

Not only that, I didn’t have my driver’s license with me. Yeah, I know. Dumm.

So, the nice lady policeperson started jabbering with my wife, who was riding shotgun, because my German is still on the level of a 1-year-old, and not a smart 1-year-old at that. I am thinking, that’s it, I’m done for. They are going to deport me for stupid driving.

But no, they let me stay. The police lady wrote all my information down on a tiny, dog-eared spiral notebook and then asked me for 15 Euros. I gave it to her. Then she told me to bring my driver’s license by the police station the next day. And she smiled and waved goodbye.

Is this a great country, or what?


OK, first I have to make a correction of a previous post. Evidently there are people all over the world who read Graz Metblog and who have been e-mailing my wife with concerns about the erratic and, possibly, unsafe driving that I accused her of in the Graz, The Video Game post. Listen, everyone, it was a joke. My wife is an excellent driver, really super. She is such a good driver she could be giving driving lessons. And she hardly ever bumps into things when she drives. Also, I have never been with her when she has violated driving codes…well, except for that one time on Pluddenmangasse, but we were really late and the guy in the Mercedes was hogging the lane and, anyway, the light wasn’t red, no matter what the old man on the bike thought.

Anyway, she really is a good driver. Tell her you read this. I am tired of sleeping alone.

Grazer Quiz: Schlossberg Stairs

How many steps lead up to the Schlossberg?

a) 153
b) 260
c) 1,260

Test yourself, then click on “continue” for the answer!

wasser fast.. got any suggestions?

Being a mommy in Graz means that if you’re pushing a stroller, you can’t also hold an umbrella – actually you can if you can steer the stroller with one hand and not jab it into any healthy street beggars or heels attached to grumpy old people. If the stroller is wet, filled with baby, groceries, purse and it’s being pushed up-hill on a cobble-stone street (Sporgasse) the manuvering just darn impossible to do single handedly.

I’ve been searching in all the stores (H&M, Charles Voegele, New York) to find a jacket that is water-proof and no such luck. Any ideas from fellow readers and Grazers where one such perfect jacket/coat could be found?

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