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Dance Like No One’s Watching!

Ever heard of Gabriel Roth’s The 5 Ryhthms? Or Vinn Marti’s Soul Motion? These dance/movement forms are gaining popularity on the U.S. West Coast. They seem to be really effective ways to explore your inner self, your relationship to others and your connection to the world using movement, dance and music. Ecstatic dance is a way to describe it, but German speakers might find that phrase too sexually oriented. It isn’t sexual at all. Basically, you enter a room with others, music is played, you begin dancing, and a qualified facilitator guides you through the process for about an hour or two.

Well, try it yourself this Friday in Graz. Facilitator Reingard invites everyone to try out her DancEmotion every Friday from 16:30 until 18:00. The location is: Zentrum Terrassenhaussiedlung St. Peter. Call 0676-577-3663. First visit is free!

Springseven Videoblog

Provided by Dave Daddy D Dempsey and Michael Schmid (@ FM4).



Graz makes the odd news… sort-of

I was surprised to find this tidbit on the “Odd News” wire:

An 87-year-old man accidently drove the wrong way for seven kilometres (four miles) down an Austrian motorway before being stopped, police said Thursday.

No accident resulted from the ride on Wednesday night. The man said the rain and darkness had caused him to go in the wrong direction.

“It’s a miracle that there was no accident, especially since he kept scrupulously to his right and drove in the passing lane,” said Maximilian Ulrich, a police spokesman in the southeastern city of Graz.

Read the full article here.

botanischer garten

Botanischer%2520Garten.jpgToday, I went to check out Graz’s Botanical Gardens. It was very difficult to get into the greenhouse because at the entrance gate, there is a sign to enter at the side gate. Once you’re in the side gate there are a number of (WRONG) doors that lead you to offices and conference rooms. I finally figured out that to get into the entrance of the greenhouse, you have to walk around the entire thing first and get back to the front! There are no signs to indicate this, by the way, you’re supposed to figure it out on your own. Anyway, the inside was not as impressive as I might have imagined. There is some landscaping and some fantastic examples of what happens if what we know as a houseplant is allowed to grow in the proper evironment – they usually turn into big, big trees!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I did, however, come a way with a little collection of my own. I asked if they had any plants for sale, but they do not. Actually, they looked at me like I was nuts or like I thought I was in a plant store, instead of a botanical garden. In the United States it’s very common for a botanical garden to sell little cuttings and leaves to make some extra cash – I guess it is not so in Austria.

Anyway, I picked up a few stems and leaves that fell off as I brushed past them. The little glass contains pieces of: Camellia Sinesis (green tea plant), Fire Stick (from a 20 foot tree!!), Button climbing fern, Begonia and some really bizarre multi-segmented tree leaf (don’t know if that’s going to grow into anything).

Lecture by Motmot Design: Radness in Graphic Design

The team of Motmot Design will come to Graz on Monday to hold a lecture about Radness in Graphic Design


After working as graphic designers in the streetware and skate industry in California, Stephen K. Reeder and Anna Breitenberger started Motmot Design in Los Angeles in 2001. They eventually ended up in Vienna, where they opened up the Motmot Shop in the 7th district. Here you can find the Wiener Dog shirt and lots of other rad designs. All t-shirts are screen-printed at the shop, while the customer watches.
Besides their love for t-shirts, the Motmots also work as graphic designers with clients in the fields of media literacy and non-profit organizations. To have a better overview go to

What is your name? Stephen K. Reeder.
Radicality or total radness? Total radness.
How does radness fit into your practice? Radness fits into every aspect of my life.
What is wrong with entertainment? Entertainment is not very entertaining most of the time. I want to be entertained and not bored.
Have you ever personally seen a mystic truth? Not yet.
Total deconstruction or total destruction? The 80’s and 90’s are over: total destruction.
Avant-garde or avant-grad? Avant-grad.
Name the funniest piece of art ever created? Andy Kaufman on ‘Fridays’.
William Wegman: great artist? Or the greatest artist? He’s pretty rad.

What is your name? Anna Breitenberger.
Radicality or total radness? Radicality.
How does radness fit into your practice? Radness in graphic design is must.
What is wrong with entertainment? Good entertainment is rare.
Have you ever personally seen a mystic truth? Yes, a double rainbow at my grandfathers funeral, how is that for radness?
Total deconstruction or total destruction? Total deconstruction.
Avant-garde or avant-grad? Avant-grad.
Name the funniest piece of art ever created? ‘The artist who swallowed the world’ by Erwin Wurm.
William Wegman: great artist? Or the greatest artist? Just an ok artist.

Questionaire by Brian Kennon, Leisure: An Art Journal #0, 2nd Cannons Publications, 1/2007

Where, when?
Monday, May 14, 6:15 PM @ Studio (3rd floor) of the “FH-Studiengangs Informationsdesign” (University of Applied Sciences JOANNEUM, Alte Poststraße 152, A-8020 Graz).

Peter Konrad’s Graffiti Workshop

Peter Konrad (aka MALR) held a Graffiti workshop for info design students at the University of Applied Sciences (FH Joanneum).

The results can (still) be found on the legal graffiti walls of Josef-Huber-Park.


Graz Textures: Small stones

Tatata! A new Graz Texture!


Res: 1600×1200
(Click to enlarge.)

Weed tags whereever you look

What does it tell us about Graz?


(Near Kärntnerstraße.)

copy & paste: U.S. vs. Austrian Painting & Painters…

Here’s an entery from my personal blog that I thought may be of interest to you…

Having the interior of your house painted Austria is much more different than what you might expect in the United States.

First of all, many in the U.S. will paint their own rooms as we (I) did in our little in-law unit in San Mateo but then, we didn’t have 13 foot ceilings with moulding on the ceiling and the wall.

Here’s a shot of our ceiling and walls (now freshly painted) to give you an idea of what we’re facing:

Most, as I have done, will go to the local home-repair store, bring paint chips, pillows, fabric swatches… whatever and have it electronically color-matched so that they can have the exact same color, again and again. Here, in Austria, you buy a huge bucket of white paint and bottles of colors and are expected to blend it yourself… or you hire a painter.

In the U.S. a painter will spend the first few days

graffity (again)


a few days ago i was sitting there in the sun reading
and i just loved that view….

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