There is Life Out There!

The Graz Very Large Array (GVLA) went online a couple of days ago and I am happy to report that there was an immediate response from deep Austrian space: ping! We think there is intelligent life out there. Hurrah! Graz Metblog readers and bloggers have reason to celebrate.

Now for some serious business. I invite you bloggers out there to come and write for us. And I invite you readers to comment. Now, what about writing and commenting in German? Why Not?


Much of the Paris Metblog is written in French and there are several bloggers on the Berlin Metblog who write in German.

Our beloved Graz Metblog is slowly atrophying and I would hate to see it end. Please, German speakers, write for us….in German! We English writers will still contribute and I hope your contributions will get some energy going here, some excitement. Hey, we are a German-speaking city, why shouldn’t our web blog be in German? Makes sense, nein?

This could be so great: new blogs in German, new perspectives, new attitudes. The Graz Metblog can be a great resource for us. Let’s use it!

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  1. grenz (unregistered) on July 15th, 2007 @ 8:23 pm

    >Hey, we are a German-speaking city, why shouldn’t
    >our web blog be in German? Makes sense, nein?

    there are german language blogs in graz. even before. good to see the blogger scene is growing.
    concerning graz metblog, it’s similar to vienna metblog. great amount of non-graz and non-viennese people read the blog.
    only fair the can read it…

  2. Moebius05 (unregistered) on July 21st, 2007 @ 2:38 am

    I used to think exactly what grenz is thinking, but having lived in el extranjero for a year and having talked with people from around the world about the issue, I have changed my mind 100%:
    1.: Congratulations on being able to write a comprehensible text in English, school is over though.
    2.: German isn’t Basque or Hopi, so it’s not entirely unthinkable that people interested in the place might learn the language.
    3.: From people from elsewhere, Graz is a strange place. By taking away the strangeness(let’s call it starbuckification), you take away the all possible point of interest. If you take Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” and subtract the blood, the gore, the animal cruelty, the nipples, the Mayan language and everything else that might not be understood, you’re left with a really shit movie.
    I support the call for writing in German. We should write translations wherever demanded or deemed necessary, if anybody needs anything translated to French or Spanish, hit me up. But the original, the authentic version should be written in German, as the language in which a thought is conceived predetermines its’ Geist.
    Eperanto is of course an acceptable alternative.

  3. Moebius05 (unregistered) on July 21st, 2007 @ 2:48 am


    Das Foto ist vermutlich in Lateinamerika aufgenommen worden (Peru? Chile? Ecuador?). Österreichcafé würde man auf Spanisch so schreiben. Die im Fenster gespiegelte Schrift kann ich nicht lesen. Ob das Äussere der Person aufschlussreich ist weis ich , nicht ich war noch nie dort.

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