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My Austrian Neighbors…

One morning my doorbell rang. I looked out the window and saw a youngish-middle aged mother with two kids, one slightly bigger and the other slightly smaller than Tortellino. Thinking this was a surprise social visit of some kind, I grabbed Tortellino and ran down the stairs to open the door…

Design in Kapfenberg

Big news for all design-student or those who want to become design-students. The FH Joanneum move all the design-studies from Graz to Kapfenberg. That’s a change…
No chance to live in Graz anymore… 62.5 km – about 53 mins one way

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Alle bestehenden Diplom-Studien werden bis spätestens 2009/2010 auf das Bachelor- und Master-System umgestellt. „Industrial Design” sowie „Informationsdesign” mit den bestehenden Master-Programmen werden in Kapfenberg zu einem neuen „Design-Cluster” zusammengeführt, auch um der Region neue Impulse zu geben.


Dracula in Styria?

Bram Stoker nearly chose Styria as the setting for his novel “Dracula”.

As the twenty-first century begins, it no longer seems necessary to make a case for Dracula, the horror tale composed by Bram Stoker at the end of the Victorian Era in England.


Carmilla was a powerful vampire story with strong overtones of lesbianism, featuring a beautiful Styrian countess who is revealed as a vampire. The story evidently exerted a considerable influence on Stoker (at the very least, it appears to have influenced Stoker’s choice of Styria as the location of Dracula’s castle, though this was later changed to Transylvania).


Delta House

A great picture.




A Graz story.

No blogging about the Pope

As mentioned above.

The Wonderful World Of Stencils



Media and Interaction Design

There is a new master programme for Meda and Interaction Design @ FH Joanneum in Graz.
There is still time to apply!

A degree in the master programme Media and Interaction Design provides various professional opportunities in the fields of all the creative industries. The main focus of this programme lies on the design of multi-media contents as well as of communication and interaction processes which help to convey multi-media contents to the user.

If you want to apply, please visit the website


On my way to work I always pass this building and its giant mural of the star constellation Ursus.

Especially I like the star called “Benetnatsch”… and finally I googled for it.


There isn’t much to report about “Benetnatsch”.
a) It’s a typo. It should read “Benetnasch”.
b) There’s something about mourning maidens. As usual.

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