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Heaven for furries

Great fake furs @ Stoffe Wimmer.


A clear statement concerning a specific operating system


(Street car line 7)

A car

Ok, there is someone who has a plastic rim showing a catholic chapel on his spare tire.
Why? Because his number plate is too diabolic, I guess.


Take My Change! Take it! No, You Take it!

Several times,while shopping in Graz I have noted female customers handing their wallets to the cashiers and making them fish out the change.

What is up with that?!?

Maybe it’s a new service, or maybe the ladies think the cashiers can find the change faster. Did they forget their glasses? Just had their nails done?


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Eat your hear out… literally!

Enter the gates at Schloss Eggenberg follow the main path towards the castle through the gardens, and take the first right. Just behind two statues, one of which is pictured above, you will find a small cafe’. Probably not meant to wet the appeitite!

This post was copy and pasted from my personal blog lapsus humanus.

David Fine in Graz

David Fine (San Francisco, USA) is digital artist, street artist, media activist and roboticist.

He’ll give a talk about new tendencies in the Bay Area art scene, focussing on so-called “fire art”, a special form of machine performance art that was initiated by SRL and the annual Burning Man festival.


Monday, October 15; 6:15 PM @ Studio, FH Joanneum (Informationsdesign, 3rd floor).

How do you make your bed?

There is a huge difference between European and American bedding. And I’m not talking size, or material…I’m talking sheets!

Having lived both in Italy and America, I have grown accustomed to some bedding basics, like a top sheet and a bedcover to keep the dust off the pillows. Instead, in Austria (and UK from what I understand), it is very common to just have a covered comforter and a bottom sheet. They use the covered comforter, which is often made of cotton, as a top sheet and throw the whole thing in the wash when it’s time to change the bedding.

The simplicity of European bedding, certainly makes it easy to make the bed (just straighten the blanket) but is a big change for those who are used to sleeping in a tightly tucked bed!

American Bedding Austrian Bedding
Basic Bedding:
-Pillow & Case
-Bottom Sheet
-Top Sheet

-The comforter could be put in a comforter cover, but this is not typical.
-Pillow Shams for extra pillows are very common, though not commonly used.
-Bed skirts are a very popular addition

Notes: This is also true in Italy, with the exception of the bed skirt.

Basic Bedding:
-Pillow & Case
-Bottom Sheet
-Comforter in Cover

-An extra blanket is used for extra cold nights

Notes: This is also true in the U.K.

So, how do you make your bed?!?!

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Schwammerl Suchen (Mushroom Hunting)

We went mushroom hunting in the hills just outside of Graz, yesterday. My husband practically grew up in the Italian Alps and can recognize the dangerous mushrooms. In Italy, you can take your mushrooms to the piazza and have an expert examine them, but I haven’t heard of anything similar here. To be sure, we stuck to the safe varieties and stayed way from the “iffy” adventurous ones.

One thing is for sure. If it’s red, and it has red spots on it, like these, DO NOT EAT THEM!

We found lots of Finferele, Portobello, Mazza Tamburo and about three fresh Porcini! Actually, I found the biggest porcino… right next to the road!

We breaded and fired the big ones last night, tonight… Risotto ai Funghi!

This post was copy and pasted from my personal blog lapsus humanus.

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