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Fourelements Festival 26.6. – 2.7.08

The Fourelements festival is back, with the 4 ingretients: Rap, DJing, Graffiti and Breakdance, presented on 7 spots in Graz.

I was at a live performance of MC Klumzy Tung, DJ Dero and drummer Dr.Pheel yesterday at the Parkhouse and I loved it. calls it:
packed with live turntablism, fresh lyrics, freestyles and energy loaded hiphop, mixed with oldschool, funk and drum’n’bass mashup(…)”

Their first CD will be presented on September 19th at the Postgarage, Graz. You better be there!

Check for a timetable of the upcoming events.

Klumzy Tung, Dero & Dr.Pheel Klumzy Tung, Dero & Dr.Pheel Klumzy Tung, Dero & Dr.Pheel Klumzy Tung, Dero & Dr.Pheel

Thunder and Lightning

There have beens several massive thunderstorms during the last week. Graz has been the city with the most rain/m^2 and the most lightning in styria.
Several thousand flashes hit Graz and the surrounding area during the last few nights.

Lightning over Graz 00
Lightning over Graz

AUT vs. GER: 0:1

Yesterday was Austria’s chance to beat the Germans in soccer. Unfortunately they didn’t make it, although they did play a great game.

As expected, the two public viewing areas in Graz were crowded. What I didn’t expect was, that they wouldn’t let people in anymore, more than an hour before the game started.
Since the Public viewing areas in Graz are commercial events, organized by newspapers and sponsors, they have blinds on the fences, which make it nearly impossible to view the game from the outside.
Karmeliterplatz  AUT vs. GER
No more entry A few stood on trashcans and some even climed onto trees to get a clear view. The mood was great however. Too great to go watch the game at home with some friends, so I joined some hundred people, Austrians as well as Germans, sitting in front of a single TV, not far from the videowall we couldn’t see, but close enought to hear the outcry of thousands of people, when Michael Ballack shot the goal.

0 - Germany won 0 - Germany won GER - 0:1 GER - 0:1

After a little over 90 minutes, the game ended, with lots of disappointed austrians heading into the city or back home. On the other hand, there were also some laughing germans, that celebrated the victory of their team.

0 - Germany won0 - Germany won

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

Blau Tafel

this is a blank city…

AUT vs. PL 1:1

We’re not the best in soccer, true, but after all, people seem to get in the mood for the UEFA Euro 2008. Especially after yesterday’s result. I guess everybody is looking forward to the match Austria vs. Germany!

AUT vs. PL 1:1AUT vs. PL 1:1
AUT vs. PL 1:1AUT vs. PL 1:1

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